McRib Wrapping Paper picks up national press.


To celebrate the return of the McRib, we created McRib Wrapping Paper - "To make every gift as exciting as a McRib. The promotion soon gained national attention. Below is one article that was featured on

Show Them How Much You Care With McRib Wrapping Paper

McDonald’s seems to have realized that “going viral on the internet” is a functional marketing strategy: It’s launched an entire website dedicated to its sporadically available barbecue pork sandwich with a cult following, the McRib.

As Delish reports, the site offers six different wrapping paper options that feature geometric designs interspersed with a whole lot of pictures of McRib sandwiches, and various pork-themed wordplays on seasonal greetings.

The McRib was recently made available again at some McDonald’s locations. It’s surely exciting for some, although those who believe the short periods when McRibs are available are truly “the most wonderful time of the year” may want to rearrange their priorities in life.

As for the wrapping paper, there’s a catch — you have to make it yourself. The patterns are downloadable for McRib lovers to print at home, great if you have a fancy laser printer with expensive, thin, glossy paper (or if you can get away with printing it at work). Normals with regular letter-sized printer paper (and plenty of spare colored ink) can still print it of course, but it’ll only be useful for wrapping up something about half the size of a McRib sandwich.

The McRib season site also features a selection of McRib-themed songs, dubbed “the world’s first pork rock opera.” Musically, though they may not reach the same emotional heights as certain fans of the sandwich, they’re passable Weird Al Yankovic-lite novelty songs with titles like “Can You Hear Me Crying In The Drive-Thru?”
The McRib Season website — cute novelty, or just another way for McDonald’s use the McRib to exert its dominance in the market when one of its competitors starts offering a pork-based sandwich? You decide.

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