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How McDonald's is using opera to promote popular McRib sandwich.

The McRib sandwich has returned for a limited time to McDonald's. And the McDonald's Owners of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana co-op and their ad agency of record Cossette Chicago have gone to elaborate lengths to celebrate the cult item's return to the menu throughout the region.

How elaborate?

Would you believe a new ad campaign that includes the world's first "Pork Rock Opera?" It's true.

Though Cossette and local McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) operators are calling their musical effort an opera, it's really a collection of five different song tracks that collectively chart one man's journey to becoming a bona fide McRib cultist.

The tunes have some fun titles such as "Let's Have Ourselves a McRib Rendezvous" and "Can You Hear Me Crying in the Drive-Thru?" that obviously are intended to pique the curiosity of just about anyone, including McDonald's customers who may not (yet) have evolved into McRib cultists.

Those who listen to the new McRib-focused tunes may hear a little of rocker Bruce Springsteen's influence in the songs Cossette's creative team have composed.

But there's more than just music involved in this Chicago-centric McRib celebration. Special McRib wrapping paper is part of the mix too. After all, Christmas is fast approaching, and gift-givers now will have a distinctive gift wrap option for the McRib lover on their gifting list.

Of course, there's good reason for Cossette and local McDonald's operators to want to go to great lengths to promote McRib sandwiches. The burger behemoth is in the middle of a humongous effort to turn around its operations. And that includes finding new ways to refresh familiar items on the menu, even ones that are only around for limited periods of time, like McRib.


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